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Tuttnauer 2540MKA Semi-Automatic Autoclave

The Tuttnauer 2540MKA, is the first semi-automatic autoclave in the market featuring closed door active drying at an affordable price. The 2540MKA sterilizes and dries your instruments in a single action, saving you the trouble of supervising the cycle.



      • Deliver dry instruments, no wicking and no recontamination to put patients at risk
      • Sterilizes and dries without the need to supervise.
      • Allows you to easily track each phase of the sterilization process
      • Automatic safety shutoff prevents overheating
      • Water detector with automatic shutoff
      • HEPA air filter provides sterile, bacteria-free air for drying.
      • Alligns with AAMI guidelines regarding sterilization cycles.



      • Chamber DimensionsWidth: 250 mm
      • Length: 467 mm
      • Chamber Volume 23L / 6.1gal
      • Cycle Time 20 Minutes
      • Standard Cassettes Capacity 3 Full
      • No. of Trays (4)
      • Tray DimensionsWidth: 168 mm
      • Height: 20 mm
      • Depth: 414 mm
      • Voltage(V) / Freq.(Hz) 230V / (50/60 Hz)
      • Current(A) / Power (W) 9.6A / 2200W
      • Overall DimensionsWidth: 508 mm
      • Height: 362 mm
      • Depth: 550 mm

Tuttnauer 2540MKA Semi-Automatic Autoclave


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