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Key Features

  • Capacitive touch screen, large numeric mode, choice of numerical or continuous waveforms and care area specific pre-configured workflow settings
  • Records and stores up to 168 hours of monitoring activities across all parameters
  • Analyzes up to 16 types of arrhythmia, including A Fib
  • Large numeric mode enables critical parameter visibility even up to 13 feet away
  • Condition: 
    Factory New
  • Warranty: 
    1 Year
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The GE B105 Patient Monitor includes Printer, Temp, 3 and 5 Lead ECG, Extension Rack, Battery (only compatible with CO2 module), and your choice of SpO2. Some configurations also include Invasive Blood Pressure. Please see the configurations tab to determine your system choice.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The GE B105 Patient Monitor is a portable multi-parameter monitor used for monitoring, recording, and to generate alarms for multiple physiological parameters of patients of all ages in hospital environments and during intra-hospital transport. It is an intuitive, flexible, and reliable system for busy caregivers who need a variety of clinical applications.

The B105 monitors and displays ECG (including ST segment, arrhythmia detection, ECG Diagnostic Analysis and Measurement,), invasive blood pressure, heart/pulse rate, oscillometric non-invasive blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressure), functional oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate via continuous monitoring (including monitoring during conditions of clinical patient motion or low perfusion), temperature with a reusable or disposable electronic thermometer for continual monitoring Esophageal/Nasopharyngeal/Tympanic/Rectal/Bladder/Axillary/Skin/Airway/Room/Myocardial/Core/Surface temperature, impedance respiration, respiration rate, and CO2.


SKU: GEM 2099000-003-882648