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Bovie GI120 Icon GI Generator 120 Watt Electrosurgical Generator

The icon|Gi is an innovative electrosurgical generator with fully digital implementation for use in today’s modern GI suites. It was designed in conjunction with GI clinicians to provide a safe, user-friendly unit that can meet all GI procedure demands. Easy to use with its intuitive touch-screen graphical user interface allows easy setup and quick setting adjustments and stores a physician preference database that can provide quick changeover between cases. This generator offers many safety features such as the Bovie NEM™ technology and clinical benefits that include Safe Cut, Gentle Coag, and Bovie FSDS™..


      • Bovie® icon|Gi unit Icon Gi USB Memory Stick
      • 110 VAC Hospital-grade power cord
      • 220 VAC Hospital-grade power cord
      • User’s guide 




Height: 16.87 cm (6.64 in.) 
Width:28.23 cm (11 in.) 
Depth:44.47 cm (17.47 in.) 

<6.36 kg (<14 lbs)

Output Power:

Pure Cut: 200 W @ 300Ω
Blend I:100 W @ 300Ω
Blend II:100 W @ 300Ω
Blend III:100 W @ 300Ω
Safe Cut:200 W @ 50Ω
Pinpoint t (Coag):80 W @ 500Ω
Gentle Coag:120 W @ 125Ω
Bipolar:80 W @ 100Ω
Gentle Bipolar:50 W @ 25Ω


Output Frequency

492 kHz ± 5

Line Voltage100 – 240V~ ± 10% 
Line Frequency

50 – 60 Hz

GI120 Icon GI Generator 120 Watt Electrosurgical Generator


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