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Detecto APEX-RI Portable Scale with Remote Indicator

The Detecto APEX-RI Portable Scale with Remote Indicator has a capacity of 600 lbs (300 kg), making it ideal for bariatric patients, and measures in a graduation of 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg). Detecto's Portable Bariatric Weight Scale features an extra wide 17" platform, providing ample space for any user, while the textured platform surface offers added traction and safety. The remote indicator allows for weight measurements to be read conveniently away from the scale's base and features a clinical-blue 0.75" display that simultaneously shows the user's height and weight onscreen.

Detecto's Remote Indicator Scale features 6 user-friendly buttons for operation to make measuring weight quick and easy. The Portable Clinical Scale offers power-up zero and BMI calculation, where the user's height may be entered using the Up and Down arrow keys. A battery saver feature (disabled when using an AC adapter) automatically powers down the Bariatric Weighing Scale after one minute of inactivity in order to preserve battery life. The remaining battery power level is indicated on the screen.



      • Capacity of 600 lbs (300 kg)
      • Graduation of 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
      • Extra wide 17" flat platform
      • Textured platform surface for added traction and safety
      • Remote indicator with clinical-blue 0.75" LCD readout
      • 6 user-friendly buttons (Power, Lock/Release, Zero, BMI/ENTER, Up, and Down)
      • BMI calculation
      • Power-up Zero
      • Auto weight lock feature
      • StableSENSE® adjustable filtering
      • Battery saver feature
      • Battery power level indication on screen
      • Integrated carrying handle
      • 6' (1.8 m) cable for connecting indicator to scale
      • Wall-mount/desktop mount bracket included
      • Lift-off platform cover
      • 2 RS232 Serial Ports
      • Micro-USB-B port
      • HL7 IEEE 11073 compliant
      • No assembly needed
      • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ models available
      • Available with international power adapter
      • Made in the USA